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CBCT Scanning Equipment

At the Dental Implant Institute, we work to continuously develop and
progress our skills whilst investing in the newest and most innovative
dental treatments and technologies such as the CBCT scanner. With
this type of advanced equipment available on site – our patients are
able to receive the highest quality and most up to date dental care
possible all under one roof.


What is a CBCT Scanner?

A CBCT scanner (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a
state-of-the-art scanning machine that is used to produce precise,
high resolution 3D images of a patient’s mouth including the teeth,
jaws, soft tissue and bones – all with high levels of detail.

Using the lowest possible radiation dose amongst products available
internationally, the CBCT dental scanner is used as an advanced
diagnostic tool to take a 3D CT scan of the patient’s mouth. The
resulting images are comparable to medical CT scans.


Advantages of CBCT Scans

Overall, patients can expect a greater wealth of information revealed
about their oral health from a dental CBCT. This helps with early
diagnoses of any possible issues and a well-informed treatment plan.
For example, traditional X-rays only look at the teeth and bones. The
dental CBCT scan takes soft tissues into account at the same time.

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