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While tooth extractions are not always the most comfortable
experience for patients, there are ways to better ensure your comfort
along the way. Of course, that’s not the only function the advanced
Piezotome CUBE device offers our team at The Dental Implant
Institute. If you are curious about how this new to this technology
might enhance your care or if you have an upcoming tooth extraction
scheduled with us, take a moment to learn more the device yourself
by reviewing below or call our office in order to better set


What is Piezotome Technology?

The Piezotome CUBE device is an advanced form of dental
technology that works to make certain dental treatments easier to
complete and improve their outcomes. It’s quickly becoming one of
the most trusted pieces of equipment used by oral surgeons,
especially on treatments involving oral bone tissue.

Whether precise areas of bone need to be modified or removed, the
process becomes more comfortable when using the Piezotome CUBE
device, especially compared to traditional dental instruments.


The Procedure

The two most common treatments this device is used for include
tooth extractions and preparation for dental implants. During
intra-operative phases of care, (or during the actual procedure), the
device selectively cuts away fibers that hold the tooth in bone and
preserves the bone.

To accomplish this, the device regulates pressure using its proprietary
Newtron® technology. In layman’s terms, this sophisticated hardware
alternates between low and high intensity to ensure all healthy bone
and soft tissue is maintained. Not only can we at The Dental Implant
Institute better preserve your existing oral structures, but we can also
improve the healing of these areas dramatically compared to
traditional methods.


How Does It Benefit Patients?

One of the most notable benefits is it removes the need for forceps
and excessive force during extractions, helping to keep the
surrounding bone as whole and healthy as possible (and therefore
better suited to receive a dental implant.) This is especially important if
the dentist intends to place a dental implant immediately, a common
practice for those looking to replace teeth as soon as their previous
ones have been extracted. Even so, better conservation of the bone
allows for a better long-term outcome of implant treatment.

Additionally, the Piezotome CUBE helps patients:

  • Facilitate faster recovery
  • Lessen swelling following surgery
  • Reduce the need for post-op prescription painkillers
  • Minimize trauma of the surrounding bone and gums
  • Gain a far more comfortable dental experience

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