Endoret Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

One of the most exciting technological advances in modern dentistry
is the use of Endoret PRGF: plasma regrowth technology, and we have
added it to our lineup of leading-edge technology at The Dentistry in

PGRF stands for “plasma rich in growth factors.” This technology
allows the use of the body’s own resources with extraordinary results
in many pathologies, effectively regenerating tissues without side
effects and notably reducing the recovery period of surgical
interventions like


What is the action of Endoret PRGF ?

Endoret PRGF is based on the activation of the patient’s own platelets
for the stimulation and acceleration of wound and tissue healing and

There are proteins that we all have, and which carry out an essential
function in complex processes of tissue repair and regeneration. They
are naturally found in the plasma of each individual, and inside
platelets. The therapeutic objective of utilizing growth factors in oral
surgery is to improve upon the body’s own regenerative capacity. In
many situations, the unaided regeneration process is insufficient to
allow complete repair of both bone and soft tissues.


The Procedure

A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient from which plasma
(protein) is obtained through a centrifuge spinning process. This
plasma is then combine with all natural calcium chloride (forming a
gelatin that can be easily handled). There are no synthetics in the

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